Skorts for everyone…

Not only did I get to test for the Adult Women’s version of The Shenanigans Skort but I also was so lucky to test for the children’s version as well!

Meet The Girls Shenanigans Skort!

I absolutely love the ease at with which these come together and they are so comfortable and stylish for all the busy activities my daughter loves to do.

Seriously she will be getting like a dozen more of these!! There is even an option with a flounce and a full legging for when it is cooler outside (though here it is for the air conditioned places we go.)

Thank you again 5 Out Of 4 Patterns for including me in this pattern test! It was such a pleasure.

To grab your Shenanigan Skorts click on the image here and go to the kids section:


Also, don’t miss their other great patterns like the famous Agility Tank!

The Most Comfortable Skort…

The sewing world has seen so many new patterns released lately and one of the most straightforward, easy to understand, fashionable, versatile, and comfortable patterns released this week is The Shenanigans Skort from 5 Out of 4 Patterns!

That couldn’t all be true could it? Seriously, it is. I own many sewing patterns and this was by far a breeze and so satisfying to whip up. I had the pleasure of pattern testing and made 4 Shenanigan Skorts! Yeah… 4 in 4 days! And that is with a 3 yr old running around and college starting back up. PHEW! I am so glad I did too.

The ease with which these went together was astounding! Their pdf laid out everything so nicely making it a breeze from start to finish – even for beginners, and even had layers (my new requirement for pdf pattern purchasing!)

Here are The Shenanigan Skorts I made this week.

This pattern has so many options including a low rise, high rise, maternity, various skirt and inseams. Here is the info as listed on the product page:

The Shenanigans Skort is intended for knit fabrics and includes a skirt with knit shorts underneath as well as:
  • 3 rise heights, including a maternity option
  • 3 lengths for the skirt – Sporty Spice, Safe, and Prudent
  • Gusseted shorts
  • Optional flounce
  • Optional tennis pocket and credit card pocket
  • 4 lengths for the knit shorts
  • Can be worn as standalone skirt or workout shorts

So grab this pattern now because 5 Out of 4 Patterns is having a sale for 20% off with the code BTS2016 now through midnight EDT on the 28th!

Purchase HERE(In the women’s section.)

Thanks for stopping by!!! Happy Sewing!

Time seriously flies here!

Back home with the changing of seasons it seemed that during the colder months time would slightly slow and I would look forward to the time when the sun would shine a little bit brighter.

Here, it seems as it is constantly summertime that everyone keeps especially busy and time passes so quickly. I need to remember to take time to smell the rain, and sip my coffee slow so that it doesn’t just zip by me.

Lately I have been keeping very busy with my energetic 2 year old and all the other small hobbies and commitments that I seem to always make. Not that I dislike anything I sign up for, or that I even do so much – because I truly could do way more. But I tend to not be very good at multi tasking. With age I am improving, but it still is one of those lifelong challenges for me.

Getting a routine since we have moved into another house (yes we moved into a town home after a year of being on island)… has been slow. I feel like the unpacking is never ending and I still haven’t completely settled in to this home just how I would like to have. There is always something to be done and I never really focus on one thing at a time.

As always, I am a work in progress… much like everything else in my life.

Guam is Hot, and so awesome!

We have been in our home for 2 weeks now and have been unpacking for a while. I love this house, even though it is super weird. More on that later!! Including pics. 

I have soo much to say about our travel experience with a 12m old, as well as tips for people pcsing to Guam. I must find time time really make a long blog. But for now it is more unpacking!

House hunting (renting) GUAM…

We have a real estate agent and will be about to dedicate about 2 weeks to finding a home to rent… I would like to find one in a week though.

Here is our list of what we would want and wouldn’t want…




This is in our PCS Binder #2… the one where I have included info on Guam and Hawaii (our mid-trip vacation.) I love being organized when I feel so much about a move is completely out of my control. 🙂

Because I am totally focused on the move (not really but I should be) – I want to post some lovely finds I have made at the local Navy Relief Thrift Shop. Along with a project I am going to do from one of the patterns. But more on that later….


Pile of goodies

These are the goodies I got, sewing tutorial books, gorgeous old handkerchiefs <— (i need to figure out what to do with these,)  sewing patterns, fabric, stationary etc. ❤


I am going to do a separate post for each pattern I got that I looked at and photographed.



Off to…. Guam?!

Hubby got orders to Guam. Soooooo…. of course I am now doing everything I can to  prepare.

1. Putting together a PCS Binder

2. Donating, Selling, trashing things we will not be bringing

3. Taking things off the walls, spackling and painting

4. Trying to finish all my in-progress projects

5. Getting our passports

— this list never ends and I am going to get overwhelmed if I keep going… so this is it for now